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We value our Employees.  And we value our Land and continue to learn and incorporate sustainable farming principles and practices.

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Point of Difference — We Grow All our Lines Year-Round

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Currently grow and specialise in 5 types of root vegetables. Always trialing and conducting R&D on new lines

About Marrone Fresh

Marrone Fresh is a South Australian family horticulture business which took roots in early 1990s.  From its humble and early beginnings, the company now supplies major chain stores nationally and also wholesalers in the interstate markets. It has carved itself as a major player in niche lines specialising in root vegetables and various prepack lines to include Soup Packs, Prepack Parsnips and Prepack Baby Beetroot.

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    Grown 100% in Australia

The heart of Marrone Fresh operations is centred in the very fertile region of Virginia in the northern Adelaide plains – this is where the company has its main farming sites, post-harvest and packing sheds.

Marrone Fresh – Passion and Fortitude defines and shapes the company, coupled with a spirit that welcomes and embraces Change, preparing the company for the future.

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