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Our Story

Marrone Fresh is a South Australian family horticulture business which took roots in early 1990s. From its humble and early beginnings, the company now supplies major chain stores nationally and also wholesalers in the interstate markets. It has carved itself as a major player in niche lines specialising in root vegetables and various prepack lines to include Soup Packs, Prepack Parsnips and Prepack Baby Beetroot.

We pride ourselves in being a progressive company emphasising on improving all aspects of our operations from seedtime, harvest and post-harvest. We take time to listen to our customers, team of employees, suppliers and growers as we take in their valued input, seeing them as indispensable elements of running a productive and successful business.

Our Heartbeat

The Marrone Fresh Group aims to be a forerunner in all its business endeavours. The heart of Marrone Fresh is to “Forge the Way” – to build a Strong, Enduring and Successful family horticulture business through a wholehearted commitment of the following:

  • Making a Difference and Being a Difference while at work and at home, and carrying that attitude and spirit into our business relationships and into the wider community.
  • Treat all Employees, Staff, Customers and Suppliers with respect. Respect does not have to be earned. Respect is a basic human right.
  • Possess a grateful heart for our success and fortitude to persevere through challenges that confront our business.
  • Be ever mindful of safety and quality as all produce from seedtime to harvest is to provide nourishment and nutrition to consumers.
  • Grow our business by growing our relationships with our Growers, Suppliers and Customers – We will relate to their requirements and concerns as if they were our own.
  • Customer Satisfaction

Community Outreach

Making a Difference, Being a Difference

Marrone Fresh has for many years partnered with a local church to help families in need.  Towards this end, Marrone Fresh undertakes weekly donation to a church – the load comprises produce it grows and produce it procures. The church ensures that the produce together with other essentials are given to the neediest.  The company also takes the lead in an annual Christmas hamper drive and ropes in other local growers to provide food and essentials for families in need.  In Dec 2017,  200 families received food hampers — the outpouring of thankfulness from them and volunteers involved amplifies the point that there are people who need a helping hand and who are overwhelmed by the unconditional support.

The company also donates to 2 charities helping young children.  Community based outreach is a core value that resonates with the family business.  It is aimed at future generations and company employees, reminding all that each one can indeed make a difference and be a difference in our homes, at work and in the wider community.


Recalling the Journey

Fabian Marrone:

“What stands out to me about my parents’ journey was their tenacity and perseverance.  The farming sector is incredibly challenging with many variables outside of the business owners’ control.  The blend of my mother’s patience and calm coupled with my father’s drive and single-minded focus, they weathered every storm together and there were many storms.  Through all the ups and downs, they just kept going and learning.  They did it together and showed strong leadership qualities needed to move business forward.  What truly stands out to me is that they listened to each other, and naturally switched roles in that when one of them took the leadership role, the other became the advisor. It was a powerful dynamic and testimony of a true partnership.”

Bianca Marrone:

Recalls fondly the wonderful times working alongside her parents and brothers on their hands and knees planting, harvesting and packing. “Being involved in the business at the outset and from a young age and now fully immersed in every aspect of the business operations has been a remarkable experience. I am frequently asked what Marrone Fresh is all about, and this is what I say: Marrone Fresh is far more than a company, it really is about a love story.”

Maxine Marrone:

Shares that her fondest memories were the early years when all 3 of her children were involved with her and Tony in the business. “Life is about making good memories, and I cherish and hold dear the laughter and good times with my children and Tony, working in the fields and in the shed – in those early years it was just us as a family.”

Tony Marrone

“I often get asked to share about how I got involved in farming and how the business got started. I am a fitter by trade. One day, I looked at my father’s tractor out in the field and I said to myself, how hard can it be? Laughter always breaks out when I share that memorable phrase I uttered many years ago. Needless to say, it’s been very hard work since but incredibly rewarding. The business provides for me and my family, and beyond that, like most businesses these days there is an appreciation and urgent need to realise the social responsibility role bestowed on businesses. It is extremely gratifying and a special privilege to be able to give a helping hand to those in need through charitable work, and to also help young entrepreneurs by giving them encouragement or projects to get them started and see them develop as well.”

Want to learn more about us?

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