Daikon Radish, the
little-known vegetable
used in well-known
Asian favourite dishes.

Variety Grown  Geisha Girl and April Cross

Appearance   Smooth, Long Straight White with a Tinge of Green on the Crown

Use Daikon

in soups, pickled, stir fry, salads and many Asian favourite dishes, including Dim Sum and Yum Cha, Miso Soup, Kimchi, Singapore Carrot Cake.

Refrigerate in perforated plastic bags in the crisper draws. Raw Daikon will keep refrigerated for up to 3 – 4 days, if used for cooking a week.

Daikon is available year round.

Daikon Radish

In Singapore, the Daikon Radish is used to make the delicious fried “Carrot Cake” (known as Chai Tao Kway), consisting of stir-fried cubes of radish cake. There is however, no carrot in this cake! Singapore Fried Carrot Cake or simply “carrot cake” is so named because the Chinese name for the main ingredient; the Daikon – “Chhài-thâu” also refers to carrot.

Most people who have eaten Dim Sum or Yum Cha have truly enjoyed their meals. In Asia, Dim Sum or Yum Cha is a huge market. While most people enjoy the many delicious Dim Sum and Yum Cha dishes, many are unaware that the Daikon Radish features prominently in many Dim Sum dishes.

In Japan, the Daikon is used to make Daikon Radish Miso Soup, and in Korea the Daikon is pickled to make the very popular Pickled Kimchi Salad.

The Daikon Radish is widely used throughout the year and are highly popular during Chinese New Year as they are considered lucky vegetables.