Marrone Fresh has been supplying soup packs nationally in Australia for over 10 years.

Sourcing and Supply Chain

The heart of Marrone Fresh operations is centered in the fertile region of Virginia in the northern Adelaide plains.  The vast majority of produce grown for Soup Packs originates within minutes of the company’s newly built packing shed.  High quality Carrots, Onions and Potatoes are sourced from growers we have built relationships with over many years while celery comes from South Australia and also from Victoria.  Marrone Fresh grows its own Swedes, Turnips and Parsnips year-round which help make up the produce requirements for a Soup Pack.  The salient points regarding the Sourcing and Supply Chain of our Soup Packs are as follows:

  1. Produce requirements are sourced from highly reliable growers located in close proximity to our production site – all within 10 minutes. This factor gives our Soup Packs a freshness and quality edge.
  2. Only grade 1 produce is placed in a Soup Pack.
  3. For each produce line required, there are two growers and suppliers to ensure uninterrupted and seamless production.
  4. Marrone Fresh grows almost 50% of the requirements in a Soup Pack enabling the company to better control costs and the benefits of which are passed on to our customers. Other packers may be forced to buy in more produce lines thereby increasing their overall cost of production.  Because we have been able to better control costs, Marrone Fresh guarantees Price Stability not Price Volatility and can lock in prices for the season.
  5. Marrone Fresh grows Turnips, Swedes and Parsnips (and other root vegetables) year-round – we know our roots and are passionate about our roots. Growing these lines year-round is a major point of difference.

Another important factor in the Supply Chain is that Freight companies are also located within minutes from the pack shed.